Our Staff

Mercy Health Clinic is a volunteer-based, free medical clinic staffed by licensed medical professionals that include internal medicine and family practice physicians, nurse practitioners, behavioral health counselors, and many specialty physicians. In addition to a small paid staff, our 100+ volunteers also provide translation, administrative and other services.

Clinic Staff

Mark Foraker – Executive Director
Lauren Cosgrove, MD – Medical Director
Maria Maravilla – Clinic Manager


Glenda Aviles – Medical Assistant
Ana Aponte-Medical Billing Clerk
Kathy Bohrer – Staff Nurse
Margaret Camarca – Pharmacy Nurse
Suyapa Coto – Medical Assistant
Carrie Dietz – Development Specialist
Diane Fillah – Staff Nurse
Wendy Gotlewski – Pharmacy Nurse
Martha Granja – Patient Scheduler
Mimi Gulloy – Staff Nurse
Marcia  Haller – Pharmacy Nurse
Laureen Harkins – Pharmacy Nurse
Claudia Interiano – Medical Assistant and Patient Navigator
Lisa Lee – Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
Blanca Mejia – Health & Lifestyle Educator
Brenda Mejia – Medical Assistant and Administrative Assistant
Deanna Melara – Data Entry Specialist and MedBank Coordinator
Alex Mora – Staff Nurse
Estuardo Portillo – Medical Assistant
Margaret Rajnic – Nurse Pracitioner
Joan Ronnenberg – Development Director
Nancy Steffan – Nurse Pracitioner
Christine Williams – Diabetes and Nutrition Educator
Florentine Yohou – Staff Nurse