Heart of the Story

Something wasn’t right. When Anna wasn’t able to pick up her medication refill from our on-site pharmacy, she sent her daughter to Mercy Health Clinic to get it for her. Our Clinical Director Colleen Rodak suspected something was wrong.

Where was Anna? So together they called Anna, who described pain in her belly. After reviewing her medical chart, Colleen sent Anna to the ER, a move that saved her life. It turns out she had life-threatening pancreatitis. She spent 2 days in the intensive care unit and over a week in the hospital recovering.

Anna is now back at home but requires expensive medication to heal. We have applied to receive the specialized medication for free from a pharmaceutical-donation program designed for people like Anna. But the application process takes time and the cost of the medication was $800 for the first few weeks alone. She could die without it. Word spread through Anna’s family, and 8 family members stepped forward, each offering to contribute $100 for their sister, cousin, aunt, daughter. She remains under the primary care of Mercy Health Clinic, where our providers will continue to monitor her.

A daughter picking up medicine for her mom could seem ordinary, but we took the time to care and ask questions – and Anna is alive today because of it. That’s just one example of what Mercy Health Clinic means by “Providing Quality Health Care from the Heart for Those in Need.”

Anna’s family called the Clinic in tears to say thank you; their words of gratitude are also to you, the supporters of Mercy Health Clinic.