Our patients need you – now more than ever!

Mercy is a key part of our community health network. 

The Clinic offers continuity of care for patients like Marta, a Mercy patient with asthma. Marta called the office because she was having trouble breathing. Following a telemedicine appointment with one of our nurse practitioners, Marta came in for an office visit. Difficulty breathing is a symptom of COVID-19, so our staff used special gear to prevent potential exposure and spread of the disease. Fortunately, we could treat Marta’s asthma in the office, and she left with medication that will improve her breathing.

Donors like you make it possible for Marta, and for more than 2,000 patients who all rely on Mercy, to get the medical care they need. And from a community health perspective, seeing patients like Marta at the Clinic reduces the strain on our local hospital emergency departments.

This year, Mercy recognizes 20 years of service to our community helping people like Marta control of their health. The pandemic has underscored the importance of our founding mission, which is to provide high quality healthcare for those who need it. This is as important today as it was on October 3, 2000, when we saw our first four patients.

Your impact in 2020 (to date):

  • Nearly 6,000 appointments for 2,040 patients, including telemedicine options .
  • Medications, provided free of charge. Nearly 80% of our patients need prescription medications. Annually, Mercy distributes nearly $1.2 million in donated pharmaceuticals to our patients.
  • Critical follow-up care, including providing home monitoring equipment such as blood pressure cuffs and pulse oxygen monitors for over 700 patients managing chronic conditions.
  • More than 750 patients with symptoms of COVID-19 received support and care since March and more than 250 received care following hospitalization or an emergency department visit
  • Evidence-based cancer screenings for 1,200 patients.
  • Expanding care to adolescent patients (ages 13-17) in 2021!

Your support means that our patients continue to access this life-changing medical care free of charge.

Please consider giving the gift of health this holiday season!