Our patients need you – now more than ever!

Mercy is a key part of our community health network. In the new “now” of COVID-19, it is even more important that we keep our doors open for our low-income patients. 

The Clinic offers continuity of care for patients like Marta, a Mercy patient with asthma. Marta called the office because she was having trouble breathing. Following a telemedicine appointment with one of our nurse practitioners, Marta came in for an office visit. Because difficulty breathing can be a symptom of COVID-19, the staff used special gear to prevent potential exposure and spread of the disease. Fortunately, we could treat Marta’s asthma in the office, and she left with medication that will improve her breathing.

For patients like Marta, it is important that we continue to provide on-going care. And from a community health perspective, seeing patients like Marta at the Clinic reduces the need for them to use the already strained resources of local hospital emergency department.

We need your help to continue to provide critically-needed healthcare.

  • We’ve had over 80% our volunteer staff, which includes many retired physicians, make the difficult choice to temporarily defer their service to Mercy. We are now relying more on paid staff to fulfill our mission.
  • Our annual gala has been cancelled. One of only two annual fundraising events, the gala provides $100,000 of funding to help us meet our payroll and procure supplies in mid-year.
  • Churches and other community groups who support our mission have not been able to meet to collect their donations for Mercy.

This combination of circumstances has put real stress on our resources. 

We are turning to you for help, so we can be here for our patients. 

Please be inspired and give.