HEART: It represents health, compassion, virtue. It is universally recognized as the symbolic core of our humanity. Our families. Our communities. Heart is also at the core of the Mercy Health Clinic. Since 2000, we’ve provided free medical care to thousands of low-income, uninsured Montgomery County neighbors.


Quality health care from the heart for those in need– that’s the Mercy Health Clinic.

Heart of the Story


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Volunteers have enabled Mercy Clinic provide the life enhancing health services to our neighbors that they would have gone without if Mercy did not exist. We have opportunities to volunteer for both medical professionals and those with administrative skills. More >


Mercy Health Clinic is a unique service in Montgomery County. We are a totally free 
clinic serving the uninsured of our community. We are proud to serve around 2,000 patients annually through the efforts of more than 50 volunteer physicians and over 100 medical and administrative volunteers. More >